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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take all the variants in one day? 

Yes, you can take all the Flostate variants in one day, but it is recommended to not take all of them simultaneously. Here are some suggested combinations for optimal results:

 Intro Combo:

  • Morning: Vibrant
  • When needed: BOOST for peak mental and physical energy levels.

 Sceletium Mood Combo:

  • Morning: BOOST + VIBRANT
  • Afternoon/Evening: KALM

 Cognitive Performance Stack:

  • When needed: BOOST for peak mental and physical energy.

 Stress & Anxiety Combo:

  • Morning: VIBRANT
  • When needed: KALM for emotional balance.

 Flostate Stack:

  • Morning: BOOST + VIBRANT
  • After breakfast or first meal: FLOWMIND
  • Afternoon/Evening: KALM


Which product is best for cognitive performance?

 FLOWMIND is designed to supercharge your cognitive power. This potent formula fosters enhanced memory, sharpens focus, accelerates mental processing, and bolsters overall brain function.

Can I take Sceletium and 5-HTP whilst on other medication? 

Avoid using this product if you are currently on antidepressant medications like selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), tricyclic antidepressants, or monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs).

What are the benefits of taking sceletium? 

Sceletium, or Kanna, is a South African succulent traditionally associated with mood enhancement, stress reduction, improved cognitive function, appetite suppression, increased sociability, and energy boost.

What are the benefits of taking 5-HTP? 

Taking 5-HTP may offer benefits such as mood improvement, stress reduction, better sleep, and potential appetite control. However, individual responses can vary, and it's crucial to consult with a healthcare professional before using 5-HTP, especially if you have underlying health conditions or are taking medications.

Which product is best for anxiety? 

KALM. Flostate's Kalm acts as a powerful anti-anxiety and mood enhancer support. Our ∆7 mesembrenone dominant Sceletium formula is designed to assist those battling with daily stress and low mood, helping you find a balanced state of being. *Sceletium is an all-natural serotonin uptake inhibitor.

Which product is best for a daily mood and focus enhancer? 

Flostates VIBRANT formula supports the body in optimizing serotonin levels, promoting clarity, focus, and elevated mood. *Our mesembrine dominant Sceletium is an all-natural serotonin uptake inhibitor *5-HTP (5-Hydroxytrptophan) is a necessary precursor to serotonin.

Which product can assist me in increasing my physical and mental energy levels? 

Flostate's BOOST acts as a powerful energy activator, mood enhancer and confidence elevator. The Boost blend is designed to promote higher energy levels, enhanced mood, heightened confidence, and improved physical and mental performance.

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